Best Tools & Resources for Online Entrepreneurs! (PART 1)

Best Tools & Resources for Online Entrepreneurs! (PART 1)

Starting and running an online business can be an exciting journey, but it often requires the right tools and resources to succeed. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to optimize your existing venture, here’s a comprehensive list of free tools and resources to help you along the way.


  1. HTML UP: HTML UP offers responsive HTML and CSS site templates, making it easy to create a visually appealing and functional website.

  2. Bootswatch: Bootswatch provides free themes for Bootstrap, a popular front-end framework, to give your website a polished look.

  3. Templated: Templated offers a collection of free CSS and HTML site templates suitable for various purposes.

  4. | WordPress is a widely-used platform that allows you to create and manage websites. offers self-hosted options, while provides free hosting with limited customization.

  5. Strikingly: Strikingly lets you build free, mobile-optimized websites for domains hosted on their platform.

  6. Layers: Layers is a user-friendly, free WordPress site builder, ideal for those looking for simplicity in web design.

  7. Bootstrap Zero: Bootstrap Zero is a vast collection of open-source and free Bootstrap templates, perfect for responsive web design.

  8. Landing Harbor: Landing Harbor offers free landing page templates to promote your mobile app effectively.


  1. Logaster: Logaster is a professional online logo maker and generator that helps you create a unique brand identity.

  2. Hipster Logo Generator: Create trendy and stylish logos with the Hipster Logo Generator for a modern brand image.

  3. Squarespace Free Logo: Squarespace provides a free low-resolution version of your logo, suitable for small-scale use.

  4. Signature Maker: Generate a digital signature for documents with this web-based tool.


  1. Invoice to me: Invoice to me offers a simple and free invoice generator for your business needs.

  2. Free Invoice Generator: An alternative option for creating free invoices with customizable templates.

  3. Slimvoice: Slimvoice provides an easy-to-use platform for creating professional invoices at no cost.

  4. Wave: Wave offers free accounting, invoicing, and more for small businesses, making financial management hassle-free.

  5. Generate invoices for free with, a user-friendly tool for freelancers and small businesses.


  1. Kiss: Kiss offers free legal documents tailored for startup founders and investors, simplifying legal processes.

  2. Docracy: Docracy provides an open collection of free legal documents, making it easier to access legal resources.

  3. Shake: Create, sign, and send legally binding agreements in seconds with Shake, which offers free use for personal purposes.


  1. Experiment Board: Test your startup ideas without wasting time or resources using Experiment Board by

  2. helps you go from idea to execution efficiently, ensuring your ideas become reality.

  3. Skitch: Skitch is a minimalistic writing tool that helps bring your ideas to life more quickly.


  1. The Name App: Find an available name for your brilliant idea with The Name App’s assistance.

  2. Naminum: Discover the perfect company name for your startup using Naminum’s creative tool.

  3. Short Domain Search: Short Domain Search enables you to find short, available single-word domain names for your online ventures.

  4. Wordoid: Choose a short and catchy name for your business using Wordoid’s naming capabilities.

  5. Hipster Business Name: Generate unique, hipster-inspired business names with this fun tool.

  6. Impossibility: Impossibility claims to be the best domain name generator ever, making the naming process a breeze.

  7. Lean Domain Search: Find a domain name for your website in seconds with Lean Domain Search.

  8. Domainr: Domainr is a fast and free domain name search tool that offers short URLs for your business.


  1. Hemingway: Hemingway App helps you make your writing bold and clear by identifying issues in your text.

  2. Grammarly: Grammarly finds and corrects mistakes in your writing, ensuring clear and error-free content.

  3. Medium: Medium provides a platform for sharing your stories and ideas with a global audience.

  4. ZenPen: ZenPen is a minimalistic writing tool for the web, enabling distraction-free writing.

  5. Liberio: Liberio simplifies eBook creation and publishing directly from your Google Drive.

  6. Editorial Calendar: Manage your blog effectively with the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress, allowing you to visualize and schedule posts.

  7. Story Wars: Collaboratively write stories with others using Story Wars, a platform for creative storytelling.

  8. WP Hide Post: Control the visibility of items on your WordPress blog with WP Hide Post.

  9. Social Locker: Encourage visitors to share your content by “paying” with a tweet or other social actions using Social Locker.

  10. Egg Timer: Set a timer and bookmark it for repeated use with Egg Timer, a handy time management tool.

  11. BlankPage: Simplify your writing process with BlankPage, a tool designed to make writing effortless.

  12. Wattpad: Wattpad is the world’s largest community for readers and writers, allowing you to share your stories and discover new ones.

  13. Known: Known provides a single site for the content you create, making it easy to manage your online presence.

  14. Dbook: Collaboratively write structured large documents with Dbook, a tool designed for effective content creation.

  15. CoSchedule: Analyze your blog post headlines for effectiveness using CoSchedule’s Blog Post Headline Analyzer.

  16. allows you to return to your text, ensuring your work is always accessible.

  17. Free Summarizer: Summarize any text online in just a few seconds with this handy tool.

Stay tuned for more resources in the next part of this blog!

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