How to change background in Google Meet? WebGL 2.0 not supported!

how to change background in google meet

How to solve WebGL 2.0 not supported by your browser in Google Meet:

  If you get an error that WebGL 2.0 is not supported by your browser, then this article is for you. If you have seen some articles and enabled WebGL but you are unable to still change the background then you should read the complete article. In addition, we will also cover how to enable background in Google Meet using the New Edge Browser that is based on Chromium open source project. Before we go further, just one important thing, is that you have to ensure that your browser supports WebGL. To verify this, open your browser, type in in the address bar and press enter. Ensure both WebGL1 and WebGL2 are supported, like you see on this article. After confirming this, we will move to the actual solution of how to enable background in Google Meet.   Step 1:  First, Open your Chrome Browser Step 2: Click on the 3 dots icon on the top left corner of your Chrome browser or type chrome://settings in the address bar and press enter Step 3: Scroll all way down to Advanced Settings and click on it to expand the settings. You will see a section called System and under systems, you will see an option called “Use hardware acceleration when available”, ensure that the button is on, which is the big dot is towards right and it should be blue in colour. Step 4: Now go back to address bar, delete everything and type chrome://flags Step 5: This will open up a list of options and we need to find the option WebGL Draft Extensions, maybe it is little difficult to search from the huge list, so let us type in webGL in search window. Step 6: Now it will show up just one option, that is “WebGL Draft Extensions” On the right side, you will see option as “Disabled” most of the time but you may also see it as “Default” or even “Enabled”. If you see any other option other than “Enabled” change it to “Enabled”. You will be asked to “Relaunch” the browser (you will see this on the bottom left side). If it is already “Enabled” ignore this step and continue further. Step 7: Most of the articles cover up to this part but sometimes even after this, users will not be able to change the background in Google Meet and it will throw the same error message that is “WebGL is not supported”. If this happens to you, then follow the further steps. Step 8: Even after enabling WebGL Draft Extension, you are unable to change the background in Google Meet then it is because, your GPU (which is Graphical Processing Unit) is not supported by the browser. You can check the compatibility by typing chrome://gpu. But this step is optional. Step 9: To overcome this issue, Type chrome://flags in the address bar and look for “Override software rendering list”. To make it easier type it in the search window and press enter. Now you will see only one option in the list, that is “Override software rendering list”, on the right side to it, you will see that option as “Disabled”. Now just change that to “Enabled” That is it. Now go back to Google Meet, start an instant meeting and check it out yourself. This should have solved the problem and you should be able to set any background available under the option or even you can setup a custom background. If you are experiencing problems with WebGL even after this (which is typically rare), check for updated Article Drivers in Device Manager or contact your PC or Laptop manufacturer for updated graphics software. If you wish to do the same in the new Microsoft Edge browser (that is based on Chromium) then, just replace the word “chrome” with “edge” and follow all the above steps. For example to enable, webGL Draft Extensions, type edge://flags and follow the same steps that we used for Chrome. I hope this article helped you to enable background in Google Meet. If you like this article, click Like, share and post your comments below. Also subscribe to my YouTube channel, so that you will be notified on my future helpful articles/videos. Also get Free Lifetime Domain Name and Free Cpanel Hosting for 1 Year for Education Purpose. Here is the link to my YouTube channel.